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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Testing the Impact of Different Types Fertilizers on Chemical Indicators of the Material, from the Oriental Tobacco Variety Krumovgrad 90, Grown in Subregion Polish
N. Tahsin, T. Ortomarova
Abstract: Growing varieties of ecotype Krumovgrad in the majority of tobacco areas in Bulgaria changed somewhat qualitative characteristics of the received material. This study showed that fertilization combined soil fertilizer – Hydro 4-21-21 + ammonium nitrate and complex soil fertilizer – Cropcare 12-22-8 + foliar fertilizer – Ferticare 6-14-31, positively influence the chemical properties of the raw material obtained from a variety Krumovgrad 90, grown in subregion Polish (valley) Mestenski of
tobacco area.
Keywords: chemical indicators; fertilizer; nicotine; oriental tobacco
Date published: 2017-02-13
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