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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Agrotechnical characteristics of weeding in crop rotations with cereals
Iliyana Gerasimova, Miladin Nazarkov, Vanya Lozanova
Abstract: The development of successful weed control methods is of particular importance in limiting the risk to production. Crop rotation is important part of integrated weed control strategy. The alternation with diverse cropsrequire the application of various measures, that influence the composition of the weed community.
The study aims to determine the change in the quantitative and species weeding in crop rotations of cereal crops and to explore the possibilities for applying successful weed control under the conditions of Haplic Vertisols at Sofia region. The influence of two increasing fertilizer norms and a non-fertilization control variant, two soil tillage systems (conventional and minimal), and chemicalcontrolwith a herbicide mixture and a herbicide with complex action within a three-field crop rotation (maize-wheat-maize) under non-irrigated conditions has been studied. It has been established that the agrotechnical factors tested – crop rotation, soil tillage, fertilization and chemical control of weeds positively impact the degree of weeding in HaplicVertisols cereal crops. The best effects in the studied years show variants with the main soil tillage “loosening” (O1) the totalgeneral weeding and especially that of perennial root weeds are lower compared to the reduced tillage option (O2).
Chemical methods of weed control represent treatments carried out in certain phases of crops.In the case of wheat, after the spraying with the broad-spectrum herbicide Pallas 75 VG and for the maize with the herbicide mixture of Sirio 4 SK + Magneto against annual wheat and broadleaf weeds in both crops, 77 to 86% of the available weed species were removed on the whole experimental area.
Keywords: crop rotation; integrated control; tillage; weeds
Date published: 2023-03-28
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