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Quality, Content аnd Export Of Nutrient Elements by Tomato Yield
Veselina Vasileva, Ivanka Mitova, Nikolaс Dinev, Vanya Lozanova
Abstract: An experiment on alluvial-meadow soil in the ISSAPP “N. Pushkarov” with tomatoes after cultivations of pumkin, grown on the same area and according to the same fertilization scheme in the previous year. The experience includes a fertilizer-free version and variants fertilized with only mineral, organic fertilizer and 50% manure + 50% mineral fertilizer.
The results showed that at the expense of low yield the fruits of organic fertilizer tomatoes are the largest, with a higher total sugars and dry matter compared to the mineral and organo-mineral fertilizer plants. The measured acid content is highest in mineral fertilizing tomatoes. The amounts of nutrients (except potassium) exported with the fruits of the fertilizer are low (between 1.29 and 2.51 kg N.da-1, 0.70-1.29 kg P.da-1, 6.16-12.30 kg K.da-1, 0.16-0.23 kg Ca.da-1; 0.16-0.29 kg Mg da-1);
The N30P12K15 rate, corresponding to its nitrogen content of 2069 kg. da-1, manure for the conditions of experience, does not provide an optimal environment for the development and fruiting of tomato plants, which is reflected in the results of plant analysis and nutrient export with the production.
Keywords: absolutely dry matter; acidity; sugar; uptake
Date published: 2017-07-25
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