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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Influence of Vermicompost of Farm Manure on Morphological Characteristics of Broccoli
Ts. Dintcheva
Abstract: The influence of vermicompost (200 l/da) on the morphological characteristics of three varieties of broccoli Jade F1, Fiesta F1 and Coronado F1 was studied. It was carried out three trials, depending on the transplant production systems. Trial 1 – on background of farm manure and seedlings were grown in a modified FLOATING system, with additional nutrition of plants with vermicompost (100 l/m3 substrate); Trial 2 and 3 with seedlings grown in open field conditions on a conventional seed bed (without plant nutrition) and planting on background natural soil fertility and on background manure, respectively.
It was established that vermicompost influenced significantly plant height, as in all experiments the recorded parameters 29.53 – 31.09 cm were close to the control variant with mineral fertilization. Seedlings, produced in a modified FLOATING system, with nutrition of vermicompost and grown on the field on background of manure leads to increase the parameters of the main central heads (average weight 0.240 kg and diameter 15.98 cm), which are relatively larger compared to the other two experiments. The bioproduct, used on background natural soil fertility resulted to the lowest value on morphological characteristics of plants. Broccoli varieties Jade F1, Fiesta F1 and Coronado F1, demonstrate specific response to fertilization with vermicompost that are due to the differences between the three experiments.
Keywords: broccoli; floating system; morphological characteristics; vermicompost
Date published: 2017-03-07
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