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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Soil Tillage in the Regions of Chernozems
T. Mitova, I. Dimitrov, G. Kostadinov, M. Mihov, D. Nikolova, S. Stratieva, R. Toncheva, R. Kancheva, M. Nenov, I. Gerasimova
Abstract: The cultivation of soil, applied as a system within a single crop rotation, requires the optimization of the amount and particular depth of tillage operations. Today, the contemporary tillage systems are based on the development of agricultural technologies and application of chemical products in relation to the various soil and climatic conditions.
The structural analysis of Endocalcic Chernozem, obtained after the cultivation of corn, shows the tendency of percentage increasing of particles smaller then 1 mm. Although, the tillage has a positive effect, however the occurrence of the loosening particles is a result of enhancement of the dispersion of soil which was regarded as disadvantage. The indexes limited the conditions known as good, average and poor were established for the applied basic tillage.
In the region occupied by the Chernozems, if the corn is grown the previous year under the timely and effective weed control on the next year when wheat is grown, it was possible to apply the mechanical technological treatment and in that case the ecological status of the soil is supported by application of the rational and alternative cultivator.
Several field processing systems tested on the four plots with particular crop rotation, grown on the Epicalcic and Endocalcic Chernozem, showed that the highest impact on the soil fertility and yields has a system of rational treatment.
Keywords: basic tillage; Chernozems; cultivation of soil; Epicalcic and Endocalcic Chernozem
Date published: 2017-03-07
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