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Study the impact of universal liquid fertilizer MaxGrow on seed yield of Spring Vetch (Vicia sativa L.)
I. Pachev
Abstract: Vetch is a valuable fodder legume with protein-rich green mass and grain. There is great agrotechnical importance as it is an excellent precursor to many other cultures in the rotation. As a leguminous crop which mobilizes part of the nitrogen needs through symbiotic nitrogen fixation it is able to enrich the soil with significant amounts of nitrogen.
For plant development is necessary not only the presence of certain amounts of nutrients, but also they have to be in suitable proportions and to be applied at the proper period of plant growth. Plants need defined amounts of microfertilizers which are necessary for their normal development. Microfertilizers, included in the composition of liquid fertilizers are part of the general problem of the mineral nutrition connected to the yield of crops. The significance is in the production of fertilizers with balanced composition of macro and micro elements, meeting plant requirements and at the same time without negative influence on the final users – humans and animals.
The liquid complex fertilizers are widely used in the agriculture. The proportion of used liquid fertilizers in the world is over 40%. The use of liquid fertilizers in Bulgaria has a great future, because of the low price and the minimal expenses for their application. They are suitable for dosing in preparation of working solutions and contain the main nutrient macro- and microelements in the best possible form for absorption by plants.
The use of liquid fertilizers helps to quicker overcome the stress of extreme weather conditions. Increases plant resistance to low temperatures and drought, and the products during storage and transportation.
The aim of this study was to determine the influence of universal liquid fertilizer “MaxGrow” on seed yield of spring vetch variety “Tempo” (Vicia sativa L.).
Using universal liquid fertilizer “MaxGrow” positively influence the major structural elements of yield by increasing the number of Pods (12.85 pc.), Number of seeds (57.65 pc.) And weight of seed per plant (3.36 g), and the mass of 1000 seeds (60.61 g) at dose treatment of 0.6 l/da.
The highest yield of vetch was obtained after treatment with a dose of 0.6 l/da, respectively 150.17 kg/da and exceeding control with 59.62 kg/da. Followed by variants treated at a dose of 0.4 l/da, and realized yield of 131.06 kg/da, exceeding control with 40.54 kg/da.
Keywords: fertilizer; liquid fertilizers; seed yield; spring vetch
Date published: 2017-02-15
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