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Survey of the Influence of Leaf-Nutrition Preparation Foliarel-proti Bor in Spring Forage Peas
I. Pachev
Abstract: In the highly-productive sorts used in contemporary agriculture, the extraction of nutrients from the soil is intensive. The mineral fertilizers implemented in the soil provide the plants with the needed macro-elements, although, the micro-elements are not sufficient enough. The leaf nutrition adds to the soil fertilization and leads to substantial organ-mineral nutrition of the agricultural crops and can be applied throughout the entire vegetation period. The introduction of nutrients is carried out in small doses and can be in compliance with the concrete needs of the plants. That provides greater efficiency in absorption of the mineral elements, as the substances are assimilated by the plants almost entirely, without intermediation of the soil, where, they can become inaccessible to them.
The fertilization by means of leaf fodders can compensate for the losses from the nitrogen wash-away in spring nutrition and considerably increase the yield and quality of the produce of the field crops. They are particularly efficient for extra-root nutrition – the so called leaf fertilization, in which, better absorption of the nutrients is achieved (Atanasova et al., 1999; Ivanova et al., 1995) and can be applied in combination with plant-protection preparations. In their majority, they are 100% water-soluble and do not contain admixtures that can damage the plants, as well as, cause accumulation of residual quantities in the produce.
Last surveys (Pachev, 2003; 2004; 2008) demonstrate that the liquid fertilizers have a positive influence upon the processes of the leaf and root nutrition of the plants for the purpose of increasing the yield and quality of the seeds. Other authors (Nikolova and Georgieva, 2010) use alongside with the growth regulators the introduction of nutrient elements in the form of leaf nutrition, whereat, the resistance of the plants to low temperatures and drying-up is enhanced, as well as, that of the produce during storage and transportation.
In the publications studied in Bulgaria, no data were found for the use of the preparation for leaf nutrition “Foliarel-proti – Bor” in the cultivated plants. The surveys in our country regarding such issues have been insufficient and incomplete so far.
The purpose of the survey is to establish the influence of the leaf-nutrition preparation “Foliarel-proti – Bor” upon seed-yield of spring forage peas (Pisum sativum L.).
Keywords: fertilizer; foliar fertilizer; harvesting seeds; peas
Date published: 2017-02-15
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