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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Factors and Risk of Soil Erosion by Water and Wind in the Zone of Bulgarian Chernozems
S. Rousseva, V. Stoynova, L. Lozanova, I. Malinov, E. Tcvetkova, Ch. Dzhodzhov, V. Kroumov, M. Mitova, D. Ilieva
Abstract: Categorization of soil geographical regions in Bulgaria distinguishes the area of Chernozems in a separate sub-zone of the North Bulgarian forest-steppe zone. The soil geographical sub-zone of the Chernozems, with minor presence of Meadow, Dark gray and Brown forest soils, is differentiated into eleven agro-ecological regions of the Chernozems. The plateau-hilly terrain, deeply dissected by river valleys of the tributaries of the Danube and the temperate continental climate in the Chernozems’ zone define soil erosion as the main degradation threat to these soils. The report presents a detailed analysis of the soil erosion factors – topography, climate and soil and the risk of water and wind erosion of the soils in the Chernozems’ zone. The analyses are based on geographic information systems integrated with models for predicting average annual soil loss from water and wind erosion. Conclusions are drown about the impact of the erosion factors on the vulnerability of the Chernozems to water and wind erosion.
Keywords: Bulgaria; Chernozems; sheet water erosion; soil erosion; soil erosion factors; soil erosion risk; wind erosion
Date published: 2017-02-13
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