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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Physicochemical Characteristic and Sorption Properties of Reddish Soils from the Northeastern Part of Sofia Valley
T. Shishkov, G. Dimitrov, R. Sechkova
Abstract: The paper deals with the cation exchange capacity characteristics of the soils from the northeastern part of Sofia valley, distinguished by the reddish colour and different development of aggregates stability. Four shallow soils and five deep soils are included in the study. These properties of the soil are dependent upon the quantity and quality of its colloidal matter, which forms the essential part of what is known as soil absorption complex (SAC) of mineral, organic, and organic-mineral colloidal components of the solid phase, capable of ion exchange. The predominantly negative charge of soil colloids retains cations in the water film on the colloidal surfaces. These soil properties reflect the ability of the soil for cation and anion retention and exchange. A good understanding of physicochemical properties of the soil is needed for many practical applications, as, for example, the regulation of soil reaction and the use of chemical amendments, conservation of soil structure and its ability to withstand erosion caused by wind and water. A proper knowledge of cation exchange will help one to make correct decisions while deciding the problems of crop fertilization and irrigation, as well as to predict the possible development of some soil degradation.
Keywords: anions; cation exchange capacity; cations; soil reaction
Date published: 2017-02-13
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