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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Criteria of the Choice of a Level of the Soil Tillage in Dependence of Some Physical Parameters
I. Dimitrov
Abstract: The quality of the done main tillage has a close relation with the basic physical parameters of the soil. The good structural condition of the soil in the arable layer is a precondition for the equal start of the sowed seeds, for the development of a strong root system, for maintenance of the optimal nutrient, humidity and air condition/regime for the increased vital functions of the useful microflora.
The purpose of the elaboration is systemizing the results of the examinations of the basic physical parameters connected with the implementation of the agrotechnical events and proposing criteria of the choice of the level of the main tillage.
After having all the data and the mathematic – statistical analysis systemized, we define the border values of the different soil varieties that determine the optimal conditions for accomplishment of the main tillage and the diversions respectively. The analysis shows that small diversions in the values reflect over the qualitative parameters. The criteria are located in four ranges, which determine the conditions for tillage – good, satisfying, unsatisfying and bad.
The elaborated criteria generalize scientific examination of many years’ duration. Having in mind the reliability of the results we consider that they can serve as an appliance of the agricultural producers in the choice of the main tillage with concrete agroecological conditions. On the basis of these criteria and the agrotechnical valuation of the cultivated surface the agrotechnical measures can be made with minimum risk of negative influence over the soil fertility.
Keywords: criteria of soil tillage; optimal conditions; physical parameters; soil tillage
Date published: 2017-02-13
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