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Uptake of nutrients with organic potato production (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Ivanka Mitova
Abstract: It has been established that the applied organic (compost), mineral and organo-mineral fertilization in combination with foliar nutrition with organic and mineral fertilizers has influence on the exports of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium per unit area and the efficiency of crop nitrogen utilization. In accordance with the highest potato yields and the NPK exports of the mixed organo-mineral fertilizer variant is the highest - 612.3kg.ha-1, 9.7% higher than the average export for the fertilized variants. The cost of forming a unit of production from the fertilized variants of the experiment is: from 36.8 to 40.0 kgN.da-1, from 12.5 to 17.1 kgP.da-1 and from 132.9 to 140.6 kgKda-1. The highest consumption of NPK per unit of production is for plants with mineral fertilization of 4.4%N; 15.5% P2O5 and 2.5% K2O more than the average values for export of unit production of the fertilized variants. The mixed fertilizer variant has the highest partial nitrogen productivity (164.85, agronomic efficiency (90.85, partial nitrogen nutrient balance (0.627 and nitrogen return efficiency (0.487
Keywords: efficiency indicators; exports of nutrients (N, P, K); field experience; organic and mineral fertilization; potatoes
Date published: 2021-03-22
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