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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Quality of potatoes - average early field production depending on the fertilization
Ivanka Mitova, Nikolai Dinev
Abstract: Under vegetables’ crop rotation is set up an experiment with potatoes – medium - early growth production, after preceding crop of beans. The soil is Alluvial-Meadow soil (Fluvisol) with low residual content of mineral nitrogen, low to suppressingly high content of mobile phosphorus and medium reserve with mobile potassium. The study aims to determine the effect of the applied organic (compost), mineral and organo-mineral fertilizers in combination with foliar feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers on the parameters that determine the quality of potatoes. The results show that as vegetation progresses, the content of dry matter and total sugars in potato tubers increases while the nitrate content decreases. In both reported phases, there is no statistically proven difference in dry matter content between variants with different fertilizers, while the sugar and nitrate content of mineral fertilizer tubers is the highest in agricultural crop maturity. The relationships between the fresh/dry mass content and the nitrates in the potatoes from the test experience are presented with coefficients of determination R2=0.548 and R2=0.979, and between the nitrate content and total nitrogen - R2=0.509
Keywords: dry matter; field experience; nitrate content; organic and mineral fertilization; potatoes; quality; total sugar
Date published: 2020-06-03
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