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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Influence of mineral fertigation on soil parameters by cultivation of the determinant tomato variety Nikolina F1
Vesela Petrova - Branicheva, Mariana Hristova
Abstract: The experimental studies were conducted in 2017 with a medium-early sort of tomatoes “Nikolina” F1 grown on Cinnamon Forest soils (Chromic Luvisols, FAO) in the Chelopechene experimental field of the Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection “Nikola Pushkarov”. The vegetable crops are irrigated with optimum irrigation rate using drip irrigation technology, and fertigation are fed using an injector with the drip irrigation system. The factors included in the study are 100% irrigation rate and increasing mineral fertilization rates: N15P8K15; N20P12K20 and N25P16K25. The influence of fertigation on drip irrigation plus fertigation with different fertigation norms has been found on some soil parameters and crop yields. Fertilizers are determined based on the soil reserves with the main chemical elements at the beginning of the growing season. Superphosphate was mixed with soil in the autumn, and ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride were given twice during the vegetation of the plants.
Keywords: drip irrigation; fertigation; soil parameters; tomatoes
Date published: 2020-02-04
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