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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Rainfall erosivity estimation from their annual amount
Iliya Malinov, Dilyana Ilieva
Abstract: The computation of the R factor in the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) is time-consuming and requires a continuous record of single rainfall intensity. This makes it difficult for the application of this method in the determination of average annual erosion soil losses. The article presented simplified model for the calculation of the annual values of R factor (Rw=2P-90) from data on average annual rainfall values. Carried out a statistical evaluation of the models. The relationship between the annual values of the studied characteristics are characterized by the correlation coefficient R = 0.741. Certain are the values of rainfall erosivity (R factor) for 299 weather stations (including mountain areas above 1200 m above sea level). This makes it possible to predict sheet water erosion losses throughout the territory of the whole country.
Keywords: rainfall erosivity; USLE; water erosion
Date published: 2019-02-27
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