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Study of Cambisols in Central Balkan National Park for the Purpose of Soil Monitoring
L. Malinova
Резюме: Sample plots for monitoring on Cambisols in the territory of National Park “Central Balkan” was selected. Content of org. C, N, P, Zn, Cu, Pb, As, Cd and exchangeable cations and cation exchange capacity was investigated. Advanced acidification was established (pH (CaCl2) – 3.5 - 4.9) in which protons was buffered by dissolution of iron oxides and by weathering of secondary silicates; leaching of bases; increased accumulation of Zn (41 – 88, Cu (17 – 26 and Pb (23 – 39 in litter. By the ratios org. C/total N (18 – 22) it was estimated high risk of leaching of nitrates, which was confirmed by the analysis of surface waters. The results obtained are basic information to long-term monitoring analysis and evaluation.
Ключови думи: As; Cambisols; Cd; Cu; litter; national park; Pb; ratio org. C/N
Дата на публикуване: 2016-12-05
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