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Study of the Influence of Leaf-Nutrition Preparation Foliarel- proti Bor on Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) for Forage and Seed Production
I. Pachev
Резюме: Foliar fertilizing is necessary and very useful in modern plant growing technologies. The compound fertilizers are best absorbed, having the best influence. They import into the plants micronutrients in a readily absorbable form, and macronutrients in sufficient amount to activate the processes of metabolism.
In the conditions of high temperatures and wind the development cycle of legumes may end prematurely. During the seed ripening phase it might reduce the yield and deteriorate the quality. Foliar fertilizing in earlier phases is an effective method to minimize the risk of potassium deficiency and burning of the foliage. It has a supplementing and correcting nature as a component of the overall system of mineral nutrition. The treatment of alfalfa with the leaf-nutrition preparation Foliarel- proti – Bor has a positive impact on the seed-producing and the yield of green mass of alfalfa.
The highest yield of seeds was obtained at a dose of treatment 7.5 g/da as it was 25.00 kg/da, followed by the variants treated at a dose of 5.0 g/da – 23.750 kg/da and 10.0 g/da – 20.830 kg/da. The highest yield of green mass was obtained in the variant at a dose of treatment 7.5 g/da – 1830 kg/da, followed by the variants treated at a dose of 5.0 g/da – 1790 kg/da and 10.0 g/da – 1640 kg/da. The lowest yield was obtained in the variant treated at a dose of 2.5 g/da – 1440 kg/da and the control 1330 kg/da.
Ключови думи: alfalfa; fertilizing; foliar fertilizers; green mass yield; seeds
Дата на публикуване: 2017-02-13
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