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Influence of NPK fertilizer and humic liquid extract from vermicompost on plant growth, nutrient status and productivity of oriental tobacco
Radka Bozhinova
Резюме: The effects of chemical fertilizer (NPK), foliar application of humic liquid extract from vermicompost (Biovital®), as well as their combined use on plant growth, nutrient concentration and yield of oriental tobacco were studied in field experiment set on Rendzic Leptosol in 2020 - 2021. The experimental design was a randomized complete block replicated three times.
The application of NPK fertilizer and humic liquid extract alone or in combination positively affected the growth characteristics, mineral composition and yield of tobacco. The addition of 100% NPK fertilizer, 50% NPK+Biovital, or humic liquid extract alone improved tobacco yield by 28.8%, 17.6%, and 9.5%, respectively, compared to untreated plants. 100% NPK fertilizer and 50% NPK+Biovital treatments had a significant positive effect on macronutrient concentrations (N, P, K and Ca) in tobacco leaves. The application of humic liquid extract alone slightly increased the concentration of N, P, and Ca in the leaves. Only the K concentration in leaf tissues was significantly increased (30.3%) by Biovital treatment. The application of 50% NPK fertilizer in combination with humic liquid extract from vermicompost could be used successfully in sustainable tobacco production.
Ключови думи: humic extract; NPK fertilizer; nutrients; oriental tobacco; plant growth; yield
Дата на публикуване: 2022-11-01
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