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Morphological and classification hallmarks of soils in green zones of Sofia city
Venera Tsolova, Plamen Tomov
Резюме: The present paper deals with the morphological diagnosis and classification of six soil varieties located in the South-Eastern part of Sofia city (Bulgaria). All soils form green ecosystems of recreational importance. Classification of studied soils has been made according to the principles of Bulgarian and WRB classification schemes. Diagnostic soil parameters (morphological, physical, physicochemical and ecochemical) are determined according to the methods recommended in these classifications which are also routine in the ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov”.
The results show that the negative trends toward fragmentation of soil cover and loss of soil diversity have occurred in the urban areas. These impacts are limited to separate small areas and emerge as a result of the formation of new soils or removal of the existing ones. The newly formed soils /Urbic Technosol (Eutric, Loamic, Humic, Transportic) over Pellic Vertisol (Chernic, Endocalcaric) and Urbic Technosol (Amphyskeletic, Calcaric, Mollic, Transportic)/ have well-structured and moderately developed A-horizons with medium to very high humus content (5.52%). Because they are loamic and fragmented by stones and artefacts, these horizons are moderately dense. These soils throughout the depth, are characterized by a slightly alkaline reaction of the medium (pH 7.0-7.5) and high buffering capacity (V1> 80%).
Soils with unchanged pedons during the urbanization are also found in studied soil zones - Chromic Endocalcic Luvisol (Clayic, Differentic, Humic, Profondic) located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain and Alluvial soils along the flood plain of Iskar River.
Studied green areas of the Sofia city are habitats of a wide variety of plants with local and exogenous origin.
Ключови думи: fragmentation; habitats; Luvisols; new soils; Vertisols
Дата на публикуване: 2018-10-01
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