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Influence of the rate and ratios of mineral fertilizers on growth, development and yield of winter wheat
N. I. Irnazarova
Резюме: The southern regions of Uzbekistan are blocked only from the eastern side with the Gissar mountains. In connection with the openness, the other parties freely penetrate the cold cyclones from the north side, and from the south-west side of the region the hot Kara-Kum cyclones freely penetrate with strong hot winds at any periods of the year and adversely affects the growth, development and yield of winter wheat.
As a result of our research, the application of optimal rates and ratios of mineral fertilizers successfully overcame the negative effect of weather conditions, as a result of which the productive tillering was increased, the duration of the development phase was reduced, the quantity, mass and yield of grain were increased, which contributed to increase in the grain yield of winter wheat.
Ключови думи: developmental stages; grain mass; grain yield; mineral fertilizers; tillering; winter wheat
Дата на публикуване: 2018-03-26
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