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Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology
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Resource-use efficiency among traditional agroforestry farmers in Ibarapa region, Nigeria
Femi Awe, Olalekan Anthony Fatoki, Ajibola Joseph Ogunsola, Olayinka Victoria Arowolo
Резюме: This paper examined resource-use efficiency as well as cost and returns to agroforestry farmers who cultivated maize as arable crop under their agroforestry practices in Ibarapa area of Oyo State, Nigeria. One hundred (100) copies of questionnaire were administered on one hundred randomly selected respondents from ten communities chosen from two Local Government Areas out of the three LGAs that make up the region. Gross Margin and Multiple Linear Regression analyses were used in analyzing the data. The results showed that an average profit of N 48, 387.41 per hectare was realized by the farmers. The results further revealed that in spite of the profit made per hectare by the farmers, they were inefficient in terms of the allocation of their resources. It is therefore recommended that adequate policies should be put in place by governments at all levels to ensure the availability of farm inputs to farmers and farmers should also be enlightened on how to make efficient use of their resources.
Ключови думи: Agroforestry; Gross margin; Ibarapa; Regression; Resource-use
Дата на публикуване: 2020-08-10
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