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Chemical composition of Oriental tobacco as depending on long-term mineral fertilization whit different norms and rates
Radka Bozhinova
Резюме: The effects of the mineral fertilization whit different norms and rates (N0P0K0, N0P7.5K7,5, N5P0K0, N5P0K7.5, N5P7.5K7.5, N10P0K0 and N10P7.5K7.5) on nutrient concentrations in the leaves and chemical characteristics of sun-cured tobacco have been studied in a stationary field trial. A long-term fertilizer experiment with continuous tobacco cropping system was established on rendzina soil (Rendzic Leptosol) in 1966. Research was conducted during the period - 2011-2013. The results demonstrate that there was linear interaction between N and Ca content in leaves and rates of N fertilization.The concentration of K in leaves increased with an increase of potassium fertilizer level. The relationships among leaf N and Ca concentrations and content of nicotine and proteins in cured leaves were positive. Correlation coefficients among reducing sugars and nitrogen and calcium concentration in tobacco leaves were -0.944 and -0.727, respectively. Fertilization whit N5P7.5K7.5 should be considered as optimal for producing high yield and tobacco with desirable chemical composition for cigarette manufacturing.
Ключови думи: chemical composition; long-term fertilization; macronutrients; tobacco
Дата на публикуване: 2018-06-08
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