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Growth performance and yield of onion depending on the after-effect of fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers
Nikolai Dinev, Ivanka Mitova, Vesselina Vasileva, Vessela Petrova, Ani Mikova
Резюме: After-effect of organic, mineral and organo-mineral fertilization on some growth parameters and yield of onion was investigated on alluvial meadow soil.
Plant gowth was carried at at specific agri-ecological conditions: low mineral nitrogen in the soil, medium to well supplied with mineral forms of phosphorus and potassium and spring-summer time-extremely high summer temperatures and add- nutrition with nitrogen rates of 50 kgN.ha-1. Standard yields onion (market-phase) between 25890 and 27560 kg.ha-1 was realized. Although there was not statistical warranted, in the yield of onions was a tendency for better vegetative and reproductive development of plants due to effect of mineral fertilization compared with those ones grown in the organic and organo-mineral fertilizer.
There were no proven differences of height between plants in variants with mineral fertilizers and those with manure and mixed fertilizer. The number of the green leaves in variant with after-effect of mineral fertilization was the highest. The highest content of carotenoids and the lowest of Ch “and” + Ch “in” were the leaves of plants experiencing effect of mixed- fertilization.
Ключови думи: biometry; chlorophyll; convenient; organic
Дата на публикуване: 2017-07-25
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